What Our Clients and Carers Say About Us

“I self-managed my NDIS plan for 12 months and realised that it wasn’t as easy as it looked.  After contacting various plan management organisations in the Southern Highlands, I engaged the services of Le Plan Manager.The Le Plan Manager team took the time to learn and understand my specific needs and offer a wide range of services and  they are reliable service providers.  Le Plan Manager have always been welcoming, make me feel comfortable and have been professional in the follow through of their commitments made to me whilst managing my NDIS plan. My transition to Le Plan Manager has been a very positive experience and I believe that entrusting this organisation with the management of my plan has been the right decision for me.” – Renee

“Understanding and navigating our NDIS plan was initially quite daunting and confusing, not to mention time consuming. Thankfully we selected a Plan Management option for our NDIS plan and chose Le Plan Manager. We are so thankful we did, as it has taken so much stress and paperwork out of our life and helped us maximise the benefits of our plan.” – Edwina